All parents and visitors to Hillside Elementary School must sign-in at the greeter's desk upon entering the building and prior to conducting any business in the school. No one should be in the building without a badge from the office.


Please check out the Guidelines for Volunteers.

The following guidelines have been developed to allow classroom visits with the least amount of disruption to the classroom program:
1. An appointment should be made through the school office to avoid the possibility of visiting on a day when conflicting activities are scheduled.

2. Report to the school office prior to visiting the classroom.

3. Please enter the classroom quietly and take a seat. Only visit the classroom where you are scheduled.

4. Feel free to walk around while observing but do not engage the children in conversation as it distracts them from their classwork.

5. Textbooks and student materials as well as materials on the teachers' desks are often confidential. An opportunity to review student text materials can be arranged in the school office.

6. If you have questions you would like to ask the teacher an appointment can be made after the classroom visit. Please arrange this in the office.

7. When your visit is completed please exit the classroom quietly.

8. Return to the school office when you have concluded your visit.