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Support and Special Areas Team:


       On February 5, Math Support teachers and Nancy Adams hosted the fifth annual Kindergarten Math Night at Beaumont Elementary School.  Kindergarteners and parents from our District’s five elementary schools enjoyed 19 activity stations.  Stations such as creating pattern necklaces, fishing for numbers, and hopping the number line integrated the Mathematical Practices and incorporated hands-on learning.  Conestoga Key Club and NHS student volunteers facilitated the stations, making the evening a success.

      In the Art room the kindergarten children learned about the art of Vincent van Gogh and created a beautiful flower still life. Second graders created panda bear ink wash paintings inspired by the art of Chinese calligraphy while also integrating with their core curriculum social studies unit on China. Third graders learned about the art of John James Audubon and his colorful birds. While fourth graders looked at landscapes in the western United States and were inspired to create one of their own.